Intellectual Property – Utilizing creative approaches to the monetization of IP including patent portfolio analysis, the vigorous enforcement of patent rights through licensing, and the strategic prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Commercial Litigation – Representing clients in an extremely broad range of commercial litigation, including complex contracts, business torts, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and unfair competition claims.

Intellectual Property Litigation – Working with local, national, and international clients advising them on the latest and most successful techniques for the monetization and protection of their IP.

Technology – Advising clients on topics ranging from e-mail to e-business, and addressing the technology challenges and obstacles you face every day.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Counseling its clients on whether and when to attend a non-binding mediation, how to compel the opposing party to binding arbitration, or whether other alternative dispute resolution methods such as summary jury trials should be utilized.

Antitrust – DiNovo Price represents consumers and businesses injured by violations of the antitrust laws. Our attorneys have protected the marketplace from price-fixing, bid-rigging, concerted refusals to deal, customer allocation, monopolization, and other anticompetitive restraints under the Sherman and Clayton Acts.

Employment Litigation – Committed to defending the rights of employees who have individual and classwide discrimination and harassment claims based on gender, race, disability, national origin, religion, and age, as well as retaliation, whistleblower, and wage/hour disputes.