Intellectual Property

DiNovo Price partners with technology and growth business enterprises to most effectively leverage their intellectual assets. We develop and implement strategies enabling companies and individuals to realize the full value of their intellectual property portfolios—which are often among a company or individual’s most valuable (and sometimes underappreciated) assets.

Our intellectual property counseling and patent practice helps our clients leverage their intellectual property, defend against the claims of others, and establish a competitive position for the future. DiNovo Price boasts specialized backgrounds and particular experience in the areas of electronics, computer hardware and software.

Our practice and partnership with the client encompasses devising strategies for implementing the protection of intellectual property; working with companies to establish company-wide intellectual property programs; conducting IP audits; providing guidance to avoid infringement on the intellectual property rights of others; patent and trademark prosecution; licensing; opinion work; due diligence and licensing for business transactions. We represent clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office, and in federal and state courts.

DiNovo Price counsels clients on the selection, protection and enforcement of company names, brand names, slogans and trade dress for U.S. and worldwide markets, including registration and licensing. We also assist clients with a wide range of counseling and litigation regarding copyright, consumer protection, unfair competition, and advertising and marketing practices.

We utilize creative approaches to the monetization of IP including patent portfolio analysis, vigorous enforcement of patent rights through licensing, and the strategic prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights. DiNovo Price can assist you in developing and realizing a plan for the strategic development, management, and commercialization of your IP assets in the marketplace.